Planning Process

The tourism strategic planning process is comprised of four parts: assessment, plan development, plan composition, and plan approval.

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The Assessment

In late summer, 2012, the HTA began to evaluate the 2015 Hawai‘i Tourism Strategic Plan 2005-2015 (2015 TSP) by examining its top four measures of success and nine strategic initiatives. Furthermore, in the first half of 2013, over 100 interviews and discussions were conducted with visitor industry, community, government, business stakeholders, HTA board members and staff, and four high-level focus groups. A Hawaii Tourism Situational Analysis looking at potentially important trends and conditions in the 2015-2020 timeframe was also completed. The HTA has also conducted an analysis of current conditions to identify how strategies are working and how changes in conditions have created new problems and opportunities. A collective Ambition Statement was also developed so that all sectors of the industry can rally and support a shared sense of purpose to move ahead toward 2020.


Plan Development

Following the assessment, issues and implications were developed and reviewed. Five Strategic Planning Work Group meetings (comprised of industry, business, non-profits, government, community members, HTA staff and board members) took a closer look at four areas (Managing Capacity, Community/Industry Relations, Visitor/Resident Experience, and Natural Environment). They suggested strategies and actions for the 2015-2020 Hawaii Tourism Strategic Plan (2020 TSP), and an outline of the plan and its key components were developed. Strategies and key performance measures are now being created.


Plan Composition

The plan’s strategies was drafted by HTA staff with input from the board and staff. The HTA Board’s Tourism Strategic Plan Investigative Committee presented and submitted the HTA Strategic Plan for review on September 24, 2015 to the board. It is set to be approved by the board by the end of 2015.


Plan Approval

The plan was approved by teh HTA board on October 29, 2015.